DAY 77

This morning’s weigh-in/photos are disappointing.  I think that last week’s photos look better and I’m not sure why.  In the mirror I think I look better so perhaps it’s the way I was standing or the sunlight.  I feel like stripping down and taking the photos again but I’ve already eaten.

Normally when I take my photos it’s first thing in the morning before any food/drink and after using the bathroom facilities.  This morning my weight remained unchanged and my body fat percentage apparently up 0.1%.  Out of curiousity, I used the facilities again and then my weight went down to 50.6kg and my body fat percentage down to 18.1%.  I haven’t recorded this in my “official results” spreadsheet though.

This is my last week of the program so it’s definitely time to push hard and give it everything!  I no longer have someone sitting with me at work so it will be ok to get in a bit later.  It’s tempting just to breeze through this next week but I want my best weigh-in results next weekend.

It’s daylight savings day today so getting up early for the gym tomorrow will be tough!


DAY 76

This morning’s hour of cardio was exhausting!  I used the elliptical machine and it went forever.  I was the first person at the gym and saw many people come and go during that hour.  I managed to watch the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy and half of 666 Park Terrace on my phone.  I should have watched 666 Park Terrace first because time seemed to go quicker when I was focussed on that.  Despite my complaining, it was a really good session.  I was breathless and sweaty by the end of it.

I don’t know if it was the gym session but I was extra hungry today!!  I could have done with an extra three meals!

I am keen to get my body fat percentage tested by a “professional”.  I saw a post last night of some woman who said that her body fat percentage is 13%.  I think I’m either the same or actually a bit leaner than her so I’m curious to find out whether my measurements are out, or if it’s hers.  Obviously cost is an issue and I can’t afford to get a DEXA Scan or Hydrostatic Weighing so on Monday I will phone various physiotherapists to see what they have on offer.

I decided to relax today so went to see “The Watch” at the movies.  It was pretty good.  I’m a huge Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn fan though.  I was very tired throughout the movie though and am looking forward to hopefully a good night’s sleep tonight with minimal interruptions.

DAY 75

I’ve got my new ultrabook at work with me today and am giving it a test run by posting this update.  It’s pretty cool although it’s obvious that I’m not working!!

This morning’s workout was shoulders and calves.  I really dislike shoulder exercises.  I can’t lift nearly as much weight as I can with my other muscle groups so I always feel useless.  With the side lateral raises I started with a 5kg dumbbell, then went down to 3kg, then 2.5kg, then 2kg!!!  And then it still burned!  I did have to do 20 reps for each set, but still.  The session went really quickly as well (only 35 minutes, excluding cardio).  I was at work really early for a change.

It’s a high carb day again which means that I had my pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.  Delicious!  Although I do miss the oats.  I used to be a weetbix and banana girl before this diet and I don’t think I’ll go back.  Plain oats and water is all I want now.  I might add some fruit to it for something different though.

Speaking of fruit, I found this really interesting article last night.  It’s called “The 31 Healthiest Foods Of All Time”.

Included on this list are: almonds, apples, bananas, black beans, blueberries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bulgur, chia seeds, dark chocolate, eggplant, extra virgin olive oil, fat-free Greek yogurt, fat-free milk, flax seeds, kale, kidney beans, lean meat, lentils, oatmeal, olive oil, pumpkin, quinoa, red beets, red wine, salmon, spinach, steel-cut oatmeal, sweet potato, tomatoes, tuna, walnuts, and whole wheat bread.

Tomorrow’s workout is just 60 minutes of cardio, ouch!  I struggled doing the 30 minutes this morning so it might be worth taking a movie or something similar to watch on my phone.

Only 7 more workout days to go!

DAY 74

Ten more days to go!  While I’m obviously looking forward to finishing this program, I’m also really nervous.  I’m in a bit of a comfort zone at the moment and am not sure exactly what I’m going to do afterwards.  I like the structure of this program as there is minimal thinking required and I know what I’m doing/eating each day.

Last night’s Kelly Clarkson concert was surprisingly awesome.  I knew she would be amazing live (being on American Idol and all) but she really impressed me.  I got home at 11:30pm though and it took a little while for me to get to sleep so I was naturally tired this morning for the gym.  I was ok at work though as I actually had a lot to get on with.  I think tomorrow will be about the same which should hopefully make the day go quickly.

In my rush to get to Kelly Clarkson last night, I accidentally grabbed the wrong food container from the fridge for one of my meals.  So this morning’s fish, broccoli and rice cakes meal was no where to be seen!!  I went into a state of panic (tragic huh?) and looked at the time – 8:45am… too early to go to a pub and order a fish meal.  So instead I ate my “lunch” for mid-morning and and then at lunch I went and got some grilled butterfish and steamed vegetables (specially ordered of course).  I was very nervous about it but I put everything into my calorie counter (over-estimating portion sizes) and I’m only 9 calories over what I should have.  And everything I ate was approved as well.  (I did not eat the corn and tartar sauce as featured in today’s photo.)

I LOVED this morning’s arms and abs circuit!!  Definitely on my top list of workouts.  I really got into my biceps, triceps and abs.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love triceps dips.  Well this morning’s circuit had my triceps screaming out in pain during the dips.  Loved it!  I’m seeing some really nice definition in my arms too so that’s always motivating.

DAY 73

I’m posting this early as I’m off to see Kelly Clarkson tonight.  Yikes, I hope it’s not a late one so that I can still get to the gym before work tomorrow.

This morning’s chest and calves workout went well.  I am flying through these circuit workouts though.  I hope that is right.  I put a comment on the forum but no one has responded yet.  Actually, there aren’t too many posts this far into the program.  It doesn’t look like many people got this far…

Anyway, I did chest dips for the first time and wow!  I really felt them.  It was good.  And ha, some awkwardness with the seated calf press machine – some guy was using it between chest sets so I quickly jumped on it (with his permission of course) and while having a brief chat I dropped a 10kg plate on my foot.  I had to pretend all was well while I continued to chat.  It hurt!!

I thought I would be more sore from yesterday’s huge back circuit but I’m not.  😦

I’ve got a busy day ahead at work which I’m not looking forward to.  Sure I like being busy but sitting with someone all day is draining and uncomfortable.  I can’t even check my emails and I feel awkward answering my work phone.

DAY 72

I love the “One does not simply…” memes.  I also love deadlifts and I got to do a lot of them this morning.  The back circuit was really good.  It was a bit more awkward trekking from one end of the gym to the other to use the different machines (in comparison to the leg circuit) but it was good.  I also did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine which was good.  The only thing is that I now have to work a lot harder (ie: go faster) to get my heart rate up compared to Phase 2.  It’s obviously a good thing but I did enjoy my slow pace.  🙂

Today my alarm woke me up.  This is the second time in the entire program (first time was the very first day of early morning gym sessions).  I obviously still woke up several times during the night but it was a nice change to sleep in to 5:00am.

I had someone sitting with me all day at work today so I was late with some of my meals.  He’ll be sitting with me for the remainder of the week so it’s a bit annoying.  I wasn’t too far out, but I like to be on time.

Tomorrow’s circuit is chest and calves (odd combination!) but I’m looking forward to it.  It’s been nice and quiet at the gym lately.  It’s probably because of school holidays.  Hopefully it stays like this though.

DAY 71

Awesome start to the day with the Pumpkin Pancakes (with approved half banana) for breakfast.  It was amazing!  I will definitely be having more of these later.  🙂

I got to the gym this morning at 8:58am (for a 9:00am start) and there were already people on the treadmills, grrr!  What time did the gym actually open?  Anyway, there were hardly any people in the weights area so I managed to hog the squat rack and leg press machines for the full 45 minutes I was there.  Yes, 45 minutes! I haven’t had a workout that short since I started.

I’m very undecided about the legs circuit.  The 30 reps were tough so I naturally had to lower my weights.  But then directly after the 30th rep I felt like I had done nothing.  I didn’t even break a sweat, even after doing the circuit four times.  😦  I hope that I did everything correctly.  Tomorrow’s circuit includes 30 minutes on the elliptical machine so maybe that will make a difference.

Yay for public holidays!  It was actually nice being at the gym “later” in the day and being able to drive home in my own time.  I haven’t got the most exciting day planned though – just preparing this week’s meals and organising some holiday stuff.

It’s the final fortnight – go, go, go!!