DAY 83

While researching body fat percentages, I found the two above pictures very enlightening so I thought I would share.  🙂

I have been trying to research to increase my body fat percentage (with healthy fat) while still maintaining my new look.  It’s surprisingly difficult to find some good advice on this.  A few websites recommend introducing natural fats into your diet, like almonds, bananas and avocado.  Some also suggest adding peanut butter and cheese.  One blog I found suggested starving yourself to force your body to go into “fat conservation mode”.  I want to increase my body fat, not suffer from malnutrition! I will not be following this person’s blog.

The two websites I found the most interesting are:

I will start off by adding almonds to my meals from now on.  I’ve already bought cherry tomatoes, cucumber, rocket and tuna to make tuna and brown rice salad for lunches next week.  I’ll now throw in some almonds which should add a nice flavour.

I will also add bananas to my morning oats.  I love bananas so I’m definitely looking forward to this.  In terms of exercising, I’ll lay off the fat burning cardio and focus more on Phase 1’s muscle burning workouts.  I enjoyed these workouts and they weren’t overly time consuming either.

I had to perform some work from home this morning so I got up really early to start that.  I had a few hiccups along the way, but by 10:30am I was satisfied that the business unit could perform their testing.  I was originally going to go to the gym during one of the hour-long processes but decided to stay at home and make sure that everything ran smoothly.

This morning’s final gym session was 60 minutes of cardio.  When I got to the gym, most of the elliptical machines were taken.  The only two remaining was one that squeaked every time you moved, or one that vibrated under your feet.  I choose “good vibrations” but as soon as someone got off the new elliptical machine, I jumped ship and started the 60 minutes all over again.  I managed to watch two episodes of South Park but the time still felt like it dragged.  One of my right toes was numb throughout the entire workout as well!  I wish the final workout had been a bit more exciting.  It would have been great to go to the gym in a muscle shirt and do some biceps work.

Time for some stats:

– In the past 84 days (well, 83 days but I’m going with 84), I have had 66 workout days and 17 rest days.
– I’ve kept a training log and I’ve calculated that the total weight lifted during the 12 weeks is 427,407.5kg.  (It’s probably more – I only recorded single weights.  Eg: For Alternative Dumbbell Curls I recorded 7.5kg instead of [2 x 7.5kg].  I tried to double up in my calculations where appropriate.)

I will upload some more stats tomorrow.

If you’re interested, you can see my training log here.

One more day to go!  And oddly enough, it’s a rest day.  It seems a bit silly – no exercise yet still following the diet.