DAY 82

Warning, this will be a long one and I have a lot to say.

I managed to make an appointment yesterday to get my skinfold readings taken this afternoon.  The latest they could see me was at 4:30pm which meant that I had to leave work at 3:00pm.  I still had to work my required 7.5 hours so I got to work at 6:45am.  The lights were out and I was the only one there for a good 45 minutes!!  It was difficult though because I obviously didn’t go to the gym so I was really tired.  It also felt really weird not going to the gym and I felt like I was missing out – weird right?

Anyway, onto the appointment.  The nutritionist/dietician (I’m not sure what he was) first got me to step on his scales while he took two readings.  Both readings were 50.3kg.  He then took my height three times.  (I’m 1cm shorter than I thought I was!)  Then he used a tape measure to mark my skin with pen crosshairs.  He would feel for the bone, measure distances and then mark midway points.  He marked my biceps, triceps, back, thigh, calves, and three points on my abdomen.  This was somewhat awkward considering I had gym tights on and had to remove them for the thigh marking but it needed to be done.

Once the points were marked, he took his metal calipers and started measuring the points.  He measured each point three times, but not consecutively.  He then input everything into a spreadsheet and read me the results.  Sum of 8 skinfolds = 57.7mm.  Sum of 6 skinfolds = 47.5mm.  Uh huh… and this means?  Well, if converting to a “body fat percentage”, it means that my result is 10.9%.  I was speechless.  I knew the 18% reading on my scales at home weren’t correct, but 10.9%?  He then went on to tell me that I’m the leanest person he’s measured in a very long time.  He told me that a healthy woman’s body fat percentage is usually 30%.  ”30%??” I exclaimed.  Yes, 30% indeed.  (That seems a bit high doesn’t it?)  He wasn’t concerned about my low reading.  In fact he said that it was brilliant and that I should be thrilled with my results.  He even gave me a tip on how I can lower it even more.  He said that if I put on more muscle mass to get my weight to 54kg, that my body fat percentage will come down.  This is not on my agenda though as Aunt Flo is already a No Show and I find it quite concerning.  (Sorry for the TMI!)

So after that, I put my tights back on and walked to the gym (which is on the same site).  I just could not concentrate though.  And furthermore, it was absolutely packed!  (It was now 5:00pm.)  There were no benches free, some inconsiderate guy was sitting on one while talking on his mobile, and the leg press machine was unoccupied but loaded with about 200kg.  I couldn’t stay there.  So I packed up my gear and drove home.

I forgot to mention above that the nutritionist/dietician and I were discussing how you can’t focus fat loss on a particular area.  He said that most women store their fat in the lower half of their body and men in their abdomens.  He told me that I have almost zero fat in my biceps and that I’d put him to shame.  He said that I have the most fat in my thighs but that it’s genetic.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  I was wondering why my quads weren’t showing through as much as my other muscles.

Anyway, I ended up going back to the gym 2 hours later when it was much quieter.  The workout was shoulders and calves.  There was another girl in the weights area and I could feel her eyes on me.  During my last set, the young personal trainer who I spoke to a few weeks ago came up to me and told me that he’s starting Chris Gethin’s 12 week program next week, after I recommended it to him.  We had a good chat about it and he said that I’ve got some really good results.  The other girl was standing with him and he said to her: “Have you seen her results?”  She replied with: “Oh, I’ve seen them.”  It wasn’t the most positive tone I’ve ever heard from someone but that’s ok.  The conversation went on for a bit too long in my opinion (considering I was meant to do a circuit) so I finished it up and then started from the beginning of the set again.  After that, I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and now here I am.

So that’s it…  All of my weights workouts are done.  I just have the final workout tomorrow which is 60 minutes of cardio.  I spent some time today organising my workouts for next week and I think it will be a bit of trial and error in the beginning.  I know what exercises I like and don’t like but I need to make everything fit together nicely and also make it as efficient as possible.  So stay tuned, only two more days to go!

To view my skinfold results click on this link:
(Note: Girth measurements were not taken.)