DAY 81

I am in complete disbelief at the moment (hence the early morning post).  While getting my things from the gym locker this morning, the gym manager stopped me and asked if he could see my abs.  I showed him in the middle of the gym (how embarrassing) and he said that I’ve really transformed my body.  I asked him about measuring my body fat percentage and he said to hop on the scales he has there (as a non-PT member, woohoo!).  So I got on.  It was a pretty insane setup.  I had to hold onto these metal prongs while standing on the scale.  Waiting, waiting (or should I say “weighting”)…  Weight = 50.5kg.  Body Fat Percentage = 12.7%!!!  I can’t believe it!  And he thinks it’s actually less than that.

While this was all going on, he told me about someone on the gym site who has metal calipers who can measure body fat percentage.  This person happened to be in the gym at the time so he took me to meet him.  He said that they’re fully booked until next week but Paul (the gym owner) said that I need to be checked before Sunday.  (Go Paul!)  So this guy took my number and said that he’ll get someone to call me this morning.  I’m really excited.  I don’t know how it’ll work with my hours though.  I’ll have to work something out.

But grrr!  Paul told me that there is currently a transformation competition at the gym (which I did not sign up for).  He said that the winner gets a trip for two to Bali and judging on my transformation, I would be leading the competition.  Ahhh!  If only I had known this.  While Bali is not on the top of my travel destinations list, a free trip is a free trip.

This morning’s workout was biceps, triceps and abs.  It was awesome.  My hamstrings are still sore and now so is my chest.  I have no idea why I’m feeling this week more than last.  My weights are roughly the same.  Maybe I’m trying harder?

Last night I had a look at the website and they have a lot of “healthy recipes”.  Everything looks amazing and I can’t wait to incorporate these meals into my everyday life.