DAY 79

If this post comes across as hyper and extra positive, it’s because I just bought myself Robbie Williams concert tickets for when I’m in London.  He’s my all-time favourite performer so I’m super excited!!!  🙂

This morning I worked my back and abs at the gym.  It was good.  The bent-over rows were so tough after doing deadlifts.  Oh, I haven’t really spoken about my lifting straps since getting them.  They are great.  They make the lateral pull down machine so much better as you can really feel your back muscles tensing and working.  I used to hate that machine but now I see its importance in a back workout.  The lateral pulldown machine really does give you wiiiiings!

Cardio this morning was a chore as usual.  Saturday’s hour session was bearable with the video on my phone so I think I will find some < 30 minute shows to transfer later tonight.  Hopefully it’ll make the time go quicker.

After yesterday’s unsubstantial legs workout, my hamstrings are really tight!  So I guess it did a whole lot more than I originally thought it did.

Today was my second-to-last high carb day and I went over my calorie limit again.  😦  It’s far too easy.  I’ve found that high carbs = high calories.  Well, at least the carbs I’m eating.

I found this transformation video on YouTube today.  It’s hilarious – check it out if you can.  It makes me realise that I’ve been taking my weekly photos incorrectly.  Mmm now where’s that cooking spray??