DAY 78

Last leg workout of the program! I wish it has been more substantial. I’m not a fan of the leg circuit. It’s over too quickly and I don’t feel as if I get as much from it. Having said that, I still worked up a sweat this morning.

I managed to hog all the machines right up to my last cycle when sometime tried to jump onto the leg press machine. Luckily he asked if I was done so I quickly finishes my calf exercises (out of order). It was nice of him to ask otherwise who knows how long I would have had to wait for him.

It was depressingly early and dark when I got up this morning. My alarm even woke me up!

I am obsessed with my orange Xtend. I drink it all the time at home. It gives the water a really nice flavour. It’s annoying to clean the bottle afterwards though.  My friend gave me a sample of his blue raspberry Xtend after work today. It felt like a drug deal (see picture). It was awesome! I think I may have to opt for blue raspberry next time instead of orange.

I called a sports clinic today enquiring about getting my body fat percentage accurately measured and the lady on the phone had no idea what I was talking about.  I had to say “body fat percentage” three times over the phone.  It was embarrassing as I was at my desk at work.  She said that they don’t do that there and that my best bet would be a dietician or personal trainer.  Another sports clinic I called over the weekend said that their physiotherapists do it so I’m not sure why today’s sports clinic doesn’t.  Anyway, I’ve emailed the gym owner to see if he can recommend someone to me.  They might even have the facilities to do it on-site.  I’m crossing my fingers!