DAY 68

For the first time in weeks, I’m not tired.  I think it has to do with my work situation though.  I’ve been very short on work lately but today was really busy for a change.  It’s amazing how your work life can affect your personal life.  So I feel really good at the moment.

This morning’s workout was another mix.  It went really long – 1 hour and 45 minutes!  I find the sprints interesting.  I usually run at the same speed yet some days I will sweat more than others.  This morning was a high-sweat day.  It made me feel like I worked harder.  🙂

I had to go to the Travel Doctor again today for a Hep B booster and also for some Dukoral (it’s a Cholera vaccine) which had to be taken orally.  I wasn’t allowed to eat/drink anything for an hour before/after taking it.  I was a bit nervous when the nurse poured this sachet into a cup of water and it started fizzing.  Then while stirring she added something which looked like it belonged in a syringe.  It looked like a science experiment.  She said that she’s had mixed reviews on its taste.  I was nervous!  Anyway, it tasted like magic!  After 10 weeks of only drinking water, it was an awesome treat.  But now I’m thinking… “How many calories were in there?”

Something random…  Last September I made the decision to stop eating fast food for 12 months.  I made it!  So that’s no McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, KFC or Subway for a whole year.  Mission accomplished!