DAY 63

End of Week 9!  Only 3 more weeks to go!  This weekend has been tough.  The 21st I went to last night had an amazing selection of food but I only allowed myself a handful of carrot and celery sticks.  And then today my mother made one of my favourite South African dishes for lunch and ate it in front of me!!  I’ve come too far to have any cheat meals though so I’ve been filling up on water.  😦

My measurements were interesting this morning.  I’ve lost some more fat (clearly from my chest) but put some centimetres on around my hips… mmmm…  I will have to do some heavier squats tomorrow morning!  Everything else remained the same.

Yesterday’s quest for some outdoor pants ended in failure.  I tried 5 different stores but none of them had the pants I want in my size.  I’ve had to resort to buying from an official online store (The North Face) and paying 50% more.  At least I could choose a smaller size from their website though.

The carb cycling starts tomorrow.  I made Jamie Eason’s Monster Meatloaf today.  I will upload a photo of it tomorrow.  It makes 24 servings but they are tiny!!  I also should have used a muffin tray because the edges came in so some of the pieces are different sizes.  I had a small sample today and was happy with what I tasted.

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