DAY 50

It feels like just yesterday when I was celebrating Day 10, and now I’m on Day 50.  This program has gone so quickly!!

This morning’s workout was arms, abs and cardio.  The arms workout was AWESOME! I love the Bicep Curl 21s.  It was burning something chronic in the last set and it was good.  I couldn’t get into the cardio this morning for some reason though.  I was having trouble with my Heart Rate Monitor – the strap around my waist kept sliding off so I was forever trying to push it back up, so I was constantly distracted with that and then the Elliptical Machine’s reading was different to my watch reading.

The abs workout was difficult yet again.  I took the above picture before doing my exercise ball crunches.  And jackknives.  And reverse crunches…!!

When doing today’s calorie count I noticed that the whole grain pasta I’ve been having is ridiculously high in calories.  I wish I had known this before making a week’s worth!!  One serve of this pasta is more than my breakfast, mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals combined!  No almonds for me this week.  Hopefully I don’t see a rise in body fat percentage when I weigh myself next Sunday.

Health wise I’m doing alright.  On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is “Let me quickly prepare my will” and 10 is “I’m sick but feeling fine” I’m a 9.  Although as soon as I got to work this morning I felt worse.  It must be the lack of ventilation in the office.  Hopefully the office is better tomorrow.

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