DAY 47

I got my blood results back today and while I’m immune to chicken pox (without actually ever having it), I’m not immune to the common cold.  I can’t confirm yet that I actually have a cold but my throat is still sore and my nose is slightly congested.  I’m still hoping to fight off whatever it is.

Unfortunately I got next to no sleep last night so was like a zombie today.  And the new microwavable soup container I bought to transport my egg whites leaked and was then almost impossible to clean.  Not happy!  I don’t think I’ll be staying out for a while.

It was then extra difficult to get to the gym tonight.  After getting home from work I procrastinated for about an hour before eventually forcing myself to go.  It was another legs workout.  I was there for 2 hours!!  About 20 minutes of that time was spent talking to one of the personal trainers though.  He was asking about the program and I told him about my brother’s results.  He sounds keen to do it himself… after his broken arm heals!  (Minor issue.)

I got my Bluetooth headphones today and they’re pretty good.  They’re a bit too big for my head so I’ll have to wear a headband to keep them in place.  They’re fine if I’m stationary but I will be moving on the elliptical machine so will need something to hold them steady.  I’ll try them out tomorrow.

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