DAY 43

I’m on the downhill journey from here, yay!  The last few days have been really tough.  While I’m more awake than I’ve ever been, my body is so tired.  It’s been a struggle to walk to work from the train station in the mornings.  And being constantly hungry isn’t fun either.  I often feel like I’m alone in this as well as everyone else is able to enjoy regular food and aren’t committed to the gym like I am.

I have been paying attention to my calories now and have noted that I haven’t been eating enough.  (Yesterday’s estimate was slightly off as I inputted the wrong type of fish into My Fitness Pal.)  So yesterday I added some almonds to my meals and that was great.  It was nice to taste something different after 6 weeks.  I’ve also made one of the Jamie Eason recipes (Three Bean Turkey Chilli) that I will have as one of my meals.  I still need to work out which one though as I’m not meant to have carbs from 3:00pm.

This morning’s arms, abs and cardio workout was brutal.  It went for 100 minutes!!  The biceps work was great.  I did my first set of 21s (on biceps curls) which was 7 lower half, 7 upper half, and 7 full.  It was surprising difficult!  And let’s not even start on the abs workout… for the first time in maybe my whole life I had to rest during the set of jackknives!  I think I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.  One positive from today’s workout is that I managed to do 3 sets of 15 reps of triceps pushups on my toes and using correct form.  I usually wimp out after about 12 reps so that was a proud moment for me.

I found my heart rate monitor yesterday and have decided to incorporate it into my cardio workouts.  I tried it yesterday and was pleased to see that my resting heart rate is less than it used to be when I last used the monitor (possibly November last year).  The description of today’s workout said to “walk off the intense abs workout on the treadmill”.  Walk off?  My cardio workouts have been significantly more than a walk.  So I looked into it and I need to be in the fat burning zone, hence the heart rate monitor.  The fat burning zone is certainly a lot less intensive than what I was doing!  It was actually somewhat enjoyable.  I didn’t feel like my heart was going to bust out of my chest and I still broke a sweat.  The calories I supposedly burned were 260 which is 88 calories more than my breakfast!

I’ve uploaded comparison photos between Day 0 and Day 42.  What I can notice the most is the reduction of back fat.  I’m really pleased with this result as this is the area I was hoping to target.  Hopefully I can see more improvements in the next weeks to come.

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