DAY 30

Wow, has it really been 30 days?  Time is flying!

This morning I did a chest and abs workout along with 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer.  I finally got to use the all-mighty Smith machine that I’ve read so much about.  It was wasn’t as exciting as I had expected though… disappointed!  I had to do some barbell bench presses today which was good, but I didn’t know how much weight to use.  Unfortunately I don’t think I did enough.  That’s the thing with new workouts, I never know what weight to use.

The workout was long.  It went for 70 minutes so unfortunately I got to work later than I would have liked to.  The queue for the showers weren’t bad at all thank goodness.  I had to crack up though because when I went in, there was a woman dressed up in a costume from The Matrix.  She must have noticed my confused expression because she explained that it was dress-up day at work.  How random!

Diet-wise, everything is going alright.  I’m not as hungry this week which is interesting.  It could be because I’m at work.  I’ve also been having my two larger meals of the day straight after each other, and also drinking a lot more water.

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