DAY 26

I got my first workout injury today.  While doing Rear-Delt Cable Flyes (see picture), I felt pain in my left shoulder.  I brushed it off thinking I was just overreacting but when the pain returned later in another exercise I realised it wasn’t my imagination.  I’m rather worried and hope that I haven’t done significant damage.  I don’t have another shoulder workout until next Friday (7 days) so hopefully all I need is rest.

Otherwise, today’s Shoulders and Abs session marks the end of my Phase 1 workouts.  I now have the next two days off and then Phase 2 starts.  Phase 2 will see the introduction of cardio, an extra training day, different weight exercises, and a change in meal plan.  It’s all happening!

Today was another day of hunger.  It’s becoming quite distracting and I’m finding myself getting irritable really quickly.  Hopefully it’s just because it’s cold because I don’t particularly want to go through another 8 weeks feeling like this!

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